Casa Inti Lodge. Entrance

Once you arrive at any bus station or the airport, the easiest way to get here is by taxi. We offer shuttle services from the airport, if you contact us we can arrange this for you.

We also have a network of taxis and drivers who can take you to wherever you want, and of course you can always bus it to have the local feeling. Other options are the uber-like applications as Aventon and inDriver.

Both the Guesthouse and the Lodge are in the same street, Avenida Paseo del Club. You can use the following directions:

By Car / Taxi, show this to your driver:

Casa Inti Guesthouse

Address in Spanish: Las Colinas, Avenida Paseo del Club # 177. De la Embajada de España, 1 cuadra larga hacia el este, 70 varas al sur, casa muro amarillo con rotulo “Casa Inti Guesthouse” a mano derecha.

Address in English: Las Colinas, Paseo del Club Avenue # 177. From the Spanish Embassy, 1 long block to the east, 70 meters to the south, home with long yellow wall and “Casa Inti” sign on the right.

Casa Inti Lodge

Address in Spanish: Las Colinas, Avenida Paseo del Club # 109. Segunda Entrada a Las Colinas, del Parque 70 varas al oeste, muro y portón de lata verde con rotulo “Casa Inti Lodge”.

Address in English:  Las Colinas, Paseo del Club Avenue # 109. Second entrance to Las Colinas, from the Park 70 meters to the west, green wall and tin gate with “Casa Inti Lodge” sign.

By Bus:

Bus 165 goes just around the corner of our street, and it takes you to the Roberto Huembes Market Terminal, Tiscapa Hill and Lakeside Managua (Malecón – Puerto Salvador Allende).

Bus Stop Km. 9 Carretera a Masaya (Segunda Entrada a Las Colinas): A 10-minute walk or 5 minutes in a tuctuc (Caponera) to the Guesthouse, or 2 min walk to the Lodge.

On this bus stop on Carretera Masaya Highway, buses go to and come from Granada, Masaya Volcano, Masaya Town, San Juan del Sur, San Jorge, UCA Terminal, Metrocentro, Galería, and Huembes Market Terminal. Ask your bus driver to be dropped off here, to make your arrival faster.